General Conference

I’m so glad I watched the first session alone. I balled like a baby. I felt the spirit so strong that I can not deny that what our prophets and apostles are saying is the truth. The overall message was on the family… which was just what I needed to hear. I feel like a kid in a candy store feasting on delicious spiritual advice and knowledge. How grateful I am for a Savior who loves me enough to hold this increadable meeting for me to learn more about the plan of happiness! I love the Gospel!!! 



It’s Friday evening, After I finished watching BBC’s Sherlock (which is amazing by the way), I decided to hop on good ol’ Facebook  When I was scrolling through my news feed I came across a blog post by…. It’s one of the most fabulous things I’ve come across about a tattooed Mormon woman with a testimony that will knock your socks off. Read it, it will change your life.


My purpose for this blog is to let the world know how much I LOVE being a member of The Church of Latter Day Saints & share some of my experiences and insights about WHY it’s an integral part of my existence. I’m hoping to bring more understanding and knowledge about the gospel of Jesus Christ through the eyes of an imperfect, divorced, unemployed  mother of two. Ha! Suck on that!!!